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ALL CONSULTATIONS WILL BE DONE ONLINE using zoom. Check moodle for the links.


Tentative Schedule

There are no lectures or tutorials during the midsemester break.

Week Lecturer Slides Lab Topic Materials Assessment
1 Didier Introduction to data collection methods Extra readings: Chapter 3 Cameron&Trivedi and Byrne on Data collection
2 Didier Open data: definitions, sources and examples Extra readings: Worldbank Open Data Essentials and Article about wild data
3 Didier Case study: macroeconomic data Extra readings: Article about real-time data and Article about FRED-MD Assignment 1 available Apr 3
4 Patricia Data ethics Assignment 1 due Apr 12 11:55pm
5 Patricia Case study: monitoring the Great Barrier Reef
Midsemester Break
6 Patricia Case study: climate and environmental data
7 Emi Australian census and election data
8 Emi International student assessment data Assignment 3 due
9 Emi The language of designed experiments
10 Di Case study: US air traffic Assignment 2 due
11 Di Case study: Tennis and cricket statistics
12 Di Synthesizing what we have learned Assignment 4 due