All consultations will be in using zoom. Check Moodle for the links.

Tentative Schedule

There are no lectures, tutorials or consultations during the mid-semester break. You are expected to attend the lecture and ONE tutorial stream. Please see your timetable which tutorial stream you are scheduled in.

Note that there is a weekly quiz that is due before the start of the Tutorial A stream.

Week Lecturer Slides Tutorial Topic Readings Assessments
0 Course information
1 Emi Introduction to data collection methods Extra reading: Byrne on Data collection
2 Di Open data: definitions, sources and examples Extra reading: Data in the wild ; The World Bank Open Data Essentials (and the Open Data for Data Users introduction lesson) ; European Data Portal lesson What is Open Data?
3 Lauren Data ethics Extra reading: OKeefe, K., & Brien, D. O. (2018). Ethical data and information management: concepts, tools and methods. Chapter 2 (ebook available through Monash library) Belmont report; National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (section 2, Chapters 5.1, 5.2) ; ; Ethics in statistical practice and communication: Five recommendations
4 Di Case study: US air traffic Extra reading: Working with databases, 2009 Data Expo, and follow links , Short paper on analysis and code , Animation of air traffic on one day, Animation code
5 Belinda Case study: Melbourne transport data
Midsemester Break (1 week)
6 Lauren Case study: International student assessment data Assessment 1 due
7 Emi Case study: Australian census Extra reading: the DataPacks User Guide
8 Emi Case study: Australian election data Extra reading: Forbes, Cook & Hyndman (2020) Spatial modelling of the two-party preferred vote in Australian federal elections: 2001–2016
9 Di Case study: Gathering and working with sports data Extra reading:Do Smashes Win Matches?, Introduction to html, Introduction to css, Harvesting data with rvest, Is web scraping legal?
10 Will Case study: Superannuation and wage growth in Australia Assessment 2 due
11 Lauren Data ethics and privacy
12 Di On the proper care and feeding of wild data Required reading: Data Organization in Spreadsheets; A Realistic Guide to Making Data Available Alongside Code to Improve Reproducibility; Ten Simple Rules for the Care and Feeding of Scientific Data
13 Assessment 3 due